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Bicycle Marked Cards Deck Magic

When referring to the Bicycle cards, what will come up first in your mind? I think most of people will say magic show or poker games. Bicycle cards are famous with their qualitative paper material, exquisite production, among massive Bicycle cards design, the most popular one is Rider Back, and the pattern is Angel Riding A Bike. The paper Bicycle Rider Back playing cards are the prior choice for magician to play a real magic show. Bicycle playing cards are made by Air Cushion Finish with 3 layers; their elasticity and tactility are excellent.


In America, Bicycle poker cards occupy a leading position and they are spread to different countries and regions by the fans of them.


With the outstanding reputation and excellent quality, the Bicycle cards also used in many areas, the private games, magic show or poker gambling. Just as other poker decks, they can be processed to be the magic marked card deck by printing the luminous invisible ink on the backs, the Bicycle cards is better, because of the unique back pattern design, bicycle can be marked as deception deck Bicycle marked cards deck in more ways.


Deception Deck Bicycle Marked Cards Deck


Bicycle marked cards decks can be classified into ultimate Bicycle marked decks, contact lenses marked cards Bicycle, the code marked deck Bicycle as well as cut-marked cards Bicycle.


Bicycle Marked Cards Deck Magic


There are several kinds of Bicycle marked cards, and usually, their marking methods are different.


For the Ultimate Bicycle Marked Decks, this way is easier but required very careful, this kind of Bicycle marked decks are made with regular pen and mark the markings on the back of cards accordance with word CHASED to order the suits of each piece of cards, the code stands for Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds, 4 kinds of suits of playing cards; the 1, 2, 3.....J, Q, K are write to represents the value of each piece of cards. When marking these marks, you must be very careful to find a suitable pen and control the appropriate intensity to mark, if any carelessness, the markings are damaged or the markings on the backs are obvious that can see by all people.


Ultimate Bicycle Marked Decks


Contact Lenses Marked Cards Bicycle, this is the basic marked cards that can be suitable for all people, and no matter you are used it to play magic poker show, play private poker games or any other else, you can see them markings to know what the cards is just like they are face to you. The contact lenses Bicycle marked cards are made with infrared ink, some people want to mark the cards at home by themselves, but honestly, most people are failing. It is just because to mark different Bicycle cards, you need to have different invisible ink recipe and the sophisticated skills, a few people can do it perfectly.


Contact Lenses Marked Cards Bicycle


So if want to have the best quality Bicycle marked cards, buy them from the professional marked cards manufacturer will be better because they have the best invisible ink formula and skillful technicians, what is more, they usually mark the cards by stringent marking cards printer machine to gain the best effect instead of just by hand.


The Code Marked Deck Bicycle, this marked deck Bicycle can't marked manually, because the code is invisible barcode which is very complicated to mark and the barcode need to recognize by the special scanning system. The invisible ink barcode is marked at the edges of each piece of cards, and no matter which side, they barcode are same. Usually, the barcode technique is suitable for the plastic playing cards, not the paper cards like Bicycle marked cards or plastic-coated paper poker cards. But now, the new technique can solve this perfectly.


The Code Marked Deck Bicycle


Cuttings Marked Cards Bicycle, just as its name implies, the cuttings marked cards Bicycle are cutted, no need use the pen or luminous ink juice to mark on them. Although these cards are cutted, but its secret is not easy to find, that is because just some of a deck of cards are cutted, and only cut a very small part. Using these cutting Bicycle cards, when shuffling, the cuttings Bicycle marked cards that the dealer need are easy to pull out of the pack by the middle (or by the ends). However, using this cuttings need some skills, because it need dealer to complete the list of cheating cards.


Cuttings Marked Cards Bicycle


Bicycle Marked Cards Deck Review


The different Bicycle marked deck cards need to be detected by different ways.


For ultimate Bicycle marked poker cards, this is can be detected by the people naked eyes, however, if you don't know there are markings on their backs in advance, it is very difficult to find them.


Contact lenses marked cards, as the name suggests, they are for contact lenses, however, they are not the regular prescription contact lenses, but the infrared contact lenses that can see invisible ink. Of course, not only this marked cards contact lenses, the luminous ink glasses also can do that, but the effect will not good as the UV contact lenses.


Luminous Ink Reader - Marked Cards Sunglasses


The code Bicycle marked decks, although they also made with the invisible ink recipe, but they only can be detected by the special poker scanner camera, these scanner camera need to work with different poker analyzer device to show the game result or tell you what you what to you beforehand in secret. The poker analyzer device, Texas Holdem scanner system, poker odds calculator Omaha or other poker winner predictor are the frequenter to forecast the poker game result.


Code Bicycle Marked Decks Analyzer


Cuttings Bicycle marked cards, this is no other ways, only use the ruler to measure to find, however, there are 2 points need to pay attention to, that is:


1. The cutting part is very small, the ruler you use must in small unit that many be can find.


2. The technicians may cut the middle part or end parts, when you decide to find its secret; you need to try to measure in several places in one edges of each piece of cards.


This article is for introducing some tips of magic deception deck Bicycle marked cards deck, hope it can help you learn some knowledge about Bicycle marked decks from it.


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