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2011 Texas Holdem scanning system

Scanning System
2011 Texas Holdem scanning system

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  • 2011 Texas Holdem scanning system
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Product Description

Do you want to win Texas Holdem game in an easier way?

Based on last Texas Holdem scanning system, we improved this Texas Holdem scanning system a lot. The whole system looks better and can be operated in flexibly even in your pocket. The number of players can be changed secretly inside your pocket.
Our 2011 Texas hold'em winner predictor Scanning System is the most advanced device in predicting the outcome of Texas hold'em. The whole set of equipment is portable. It can be operated by one person. No need computer or partner, within 0.1s, you can know who is the best hand and second best hand, even the rank of all players. The stealth earpieces will tell you the outcome of the Texas hold'em. The accuracy is 100%.
This 2012 poker winner predictor scanning device has the following functions:
1.predict the best hand
2.predict the best hand + best second hand
3.predict the best hand + best second hand + flop (3 cards) + turn (1 card) + river (1 card)
4.tell you 52 (104) cards from top to bottom and bottom to top with suits and without suits
5.Predict each players’ cards + flop (3 cards) + turn (1 card) + river (1 card)
1.CPU in iPhone with Texas Holdem game inside
2.scanning camera
3.invisible earpiece
4.marked cards
If you still have any doubt or want a demo, please feel free to contact us, we can show you online.

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Name: Mario Evans IP: Time: 2018-02-19 10:24:50
Content:What is price for the marked card printer and the exchanging card cuff.

Name: Henk IP: Time: 2018-02-16 18:50:16
Content:I would like to buy infrared contact lenses with marked poker cards with it. I'm curious what the price are for both products combined and how long does it take to get the products to the Netherlands. Yours sincerely,

Name: Peter IP: Time: 2018-02-16 14:35:40
Content:Whats the price for the cards . The lenses. And is it possible to have lenses minus 10 because i have bad eyes . The risk with glasses is people can ask to wear the glasses and accidentally discover the trick.

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