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Welcome to We sell contact lenses, marked cards, invisible ink and Texas Holdem and Omaha poker scanning system at best quality and the most reasonable price. Our marked cards part is excellent because we are the professional manufacturer of marked cards in the world. We can even customize the marks(big marks, four small marks are available). With our special contact lenses, you can see the invisible marks very clearly. We sell Modiano marked cards, Copag marked cards, Fournier marked cards, Dal negro marked cards, Bicycle marked cards, Bee marked cards, Aviator marked cards and some other platic marked cards and paper marked cards.
We also offer other poker gambling trick tools and great customer service. Looking for the best gambling poker trick stuff? Look no further! We have all kinds of marked cards, marked cards contact lenses and Texas Holde and Omaha poker scanning system which can meet your request.
We appreciate so much for your visiting and look forward to serving your gaming needs.

Marked cards: Normal paper or plastic playing cards are printed by invisible ink previously. Under special contact lenses or luminous sunglasses lenses, the invisible marks on those cards can be shown. Those processed playing cards are called marked cards. Marked cards are quite popular in magic show, casinos and some private games.
Blockout marked cards: The printed design on the playing cards is extended. For example, the tiny angel on the back of a playing card has three eyes to be an ace
Marked cards contact lenses: This contact lenses is a kind of special contact lenses which can see the invisible marks on marked cards. There is a small dyed circle in the middle. Different kinds of special contact lenses can be offered for different people. Marked cards contact lenses can be a trick tool during the gambling or magic show. Of course, it is also a perfect defensive tool during the poker game if you do not want to be cheated.
Luminous Readers: Invisible marks that can only be read with special glasses or through a special camera.
Invisible luminous ink: invisible luminous ink is applied into printing or writing invisible marks on playing cards. Under luminous reader such as infrared contact lenses and luminous sunglasses, the invisible marks can be seen.
Texas Holdem Poker analyzer: According the name "Texas Holdem poker analyzer", it will be a kind of poker device which can analysis the outcome of the Texas Holdem game. This analyzer can predict the best hand, best second hand and the rank of all player within 0.1s.
Omnipotent Poker analyzer: This poker analyzer has multi-functions such as Texas Holdem analyzer, Omaha4 analyzer, Omaha5 analyzer and some other customized games. With this omnipotent poker analyzer, players can play all kinds of poker games. This Omnipotent poker analyzer combined the functions of scanning camera and CPU unit together. It works just like a real phone.
AKK analyzer: AKK analyzer is an updated version of Old Poker analyzer which has the function of predicting the winner of Texas Holdem and Omaha game and reporting each card one by one. Compared to the old poker analyzer, the response time of AKK analyzer is shorter,the appearance looks more attractive,the scanning area is larger. AKK analyzer is different frequency from the old analyzer.
Perstective table: Perspective table is a kind of table which looks like a standard Texas Holdem table. It is totally unnecessary for you to mark the playing cards on the table. You can see through the each card.This perspective table can be applied into any game. Ahahah, with this perspective table, you will be the king in the all the poker games.


In this world, the real winner can exit when they win. The same to a casino, a real veteran can control that the range in 10% of winning or losing, no more than that, and once they reach that indication, they will leave the casino without hesitation, even in the time of most lucky table.
All of us like the feeling of controlling ourselves, but who knows the feeling of controlling a game? Who buy our remote control dice will know the felling of controlling a dice game, because the dice number can be remote controlled.


As one part of gambling device, dealing shoe is a tool that can be used to cheat in poker games. Knowing how to cheat with a dealing shoe is actually a way to protect yourself being cheat in any poker games with a dealing shoe.
Our cards dealing is a kind of cheating shoe with remote control, when dealing multiple decks of cards, you can deal the second cards automatically since the special prism shoe with mini-motor inside. More secret poker devices you can consult us by email or Skype.


We have three kinds of cards dealing shoe for sale online, they are dealing shoe with prism, dealing shoe with remote control and dealing shoe with camera, which you like most?
For me, I like cards dealing shoe with camera most, this kind of dealing shoe can help me to read cards counts secretly, so that it can always help me to win poker games.


If you think you have to always be careful about the scanning distance of side barcode marked playing cards and the position of poker scanner camera, maybe you can try our perspective casino table. Do not need to worry much, just need to work with normal original playing cards.
Perspective casino table, it does not mean the poker table is transparent. It means you can see the through the playing cards by poker scanner camera.
You no need IR marked cards, invisible ink marked decks with luminous contact lenses or analyzer marked playing cards.
The poker camera is secretly hidden under the poker table, so that you can see through all the playing cards which are put face down on the table.


In every poker games, you need the help of poker table absolutely, when buying poker table, what will you take into consideration? The outlook of the table or the size of the table? Do you want to buy poker table from our company with special function?
But the trick can be handled by yourself or you can work with your friends, the table is cards exchanging table, there are secret exchange machine installed on the table. If you do not want your cards, you can exchange your cards with your friend secretly and quickly, then it easier for you to get better hand to win the poker games.


Who can refuse a good chance in the path of life? And for the poker players, using the cards dealing shoe with prism may be a good chance to win in poker games.
Cards dealing shoe with prism selling in our company is specially designed with the function that it can deal the second cards while you do not like the first cards, and the first cards will be pushed into prism, then you can choose to deal or keep the card.


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