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Luminous Ink Marked Cards Reader

Because of the magic function, marked cards are adopted in many occasions. With the marked cards poker, user can know what cards their opponents have and who will be the winner at the games, no matter you are player or dealer, you can win the game without giving any single hit to anyone. Do you know how to read marked cards?


Maybe most of you know how to read marked cards poker, but before introducing the specific luminous ink readers, we want to let you know what is marked cards firstly.


Yes, the marked playing cards are same as regular cards, which is because we use the imported poker cards to process. The cards are made with the most professional luminous card marking ink. The ink looks same as the regular painting material, while if you use it to mark the markings on the playing cards, they will concealable and invisible to naked eyes in very short seconds. Only with the special luminous ink reader, you can detect them.


As we know, if you want to win a poker game, apart from the lucky, some tricks are needed. Some people can win in the casino with the proper strategies, keen eyes and extraordinary memory. Here, industrialization has made the winning easier than before. To date, there are several ways you can take advantages of conveniently.


1. You can take advantage of the back marked cards and luminous ink readers. The special secrets of these marked playing cards only visible to the hidden marked cards contact lenses and poker cheating glasses. No matter the invisible contact lens or infrared sunglasses, they can use it to read the marked cards poker easily because they just look same as the eyes lenses and will not change your eyes color, the glasses also be design as the regular fashionable one, thus no one can know any secret of them and they can't get any hit of the magic power of them, you will never be caught by others. This is the basic marked cards kit and can be suitable to all users.


Luminous Ink Marked Cards Reader


2. The poker analyzer and barcode marked deck give you the edge of winning. There are many kinds of poker hand analyzers for sale which can forecast the winner in poker game effectively and secretly. These spy cheating device available on action GS which is equipped with a hidden built-in poker camera lens inside and also can work with the exterior poker scanner camera to scan and analysis the barcode marked playing cards automatically. In this kit, the Bluetooth earpiece is one of the important parts which can help you to receive all information regarding the spy luminous ink cheating playing cards without any problem and you can make the best bet.


Poker Analyzer And Barcode Marked Deck


3. The infrared poker camera monitor and IR marked poker cards set. The marking on the infrared marked poker cards can't detect by both luminous ink contact lenses and marked cards glasses, even the barcode cards scanner, only work with the far IR undetectable poker scanner camera can work. With this set, you can know all the poker cards just like the cards are face up to you. No matter you are player or poker owner, you can get advantage of this magic combo. Of course, different from the before 2 sets trick kits, this infrared marked cards device need to work with your partner.


Infrared Poker Camera Monitor And IR Marked Poker Cards


The gamble games are thousands and the tools are more then it. No matter for poker card games, craps games, domino games, Mahjong games, Roulette games or misc, if you are interested, our experienced sales can provide more specific information to you.


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