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Luminous Ink Pai Gow Cheating Device

There are various poker cheating trick kits in market, playing cards games, craps games, Mahjong games, Roulette games, domino games and misc. When refer to Pay Gow games, what kit will be the first come to your mind?


Here, we would like to introduce 3 magic Pai Gow playing cards cheating device for you.


1. The luminous ink marked Pai Gow and luminous ink readers


The invisible ink marked Pai Gow tiles are processed with the special infrared luminous ink, all tiles (except the face side with pips) can be marked with different markings (usually the number or the partner as the face side). After markings, the processed Pai Gow tiles are not sticky and the appearance and the color are same as the original one, they will give you the original hand feel. Comparing the processed Pay Gown and regular Pay Gown, they have no any difference to human naked eyes. If you want to detect the secret, only with the magic luminous ink readers, luminous ink glasses or infrared contact lenses that can see invisible ink, you will see the markings on the invisible marked Pai Gow and know their information just like they are face up to you.


Professional Marked Pai Gow For Contact Lenses


2. The barcode invisible marked Pai Gow tiles and poker analyzer


If you have known marked playing cards analyzer, you must know that it can help poker player to predict the poker game result in advance. The Pai Gow analyzer also has this magic function for Pai Gow games. The processed Pai Gow tiles are processed with the invisible ink barcode on the sides, when you shuffle the Pai Gow and prepare to deal, the poker camera inside the Pai Gow analyzer (exterior scanning camera also can do) will grab the invisible barcode image on the sides of Marked Pai Gow tiles and transmit them to Pai Gow odds calculator for analyzing, you can get the best winner, second winner even the ranking of all players easily.


Barcode Invisible Ink Pai Gow For Poker Analyzer


3. The regular Pai Gow tiles and normal Pai Gow analyzer


Just as the word suggests, the Pai Gow is the regular one and no need any procession, but when it work together with the regular Pai Gow analyzer, the analyzer device will analysis the data of Pai Gow and send you the accurate game result effectively. Different from the barcode Pai Gow analyzer system, the regular analyzer system are using the advanced image recognition technology and advanced analysis program software, the poker scanner camera inside the analyzer system will catch the image effectively and analysis the winner, just with the mini earpiece or vibrator, you can know the result secretly.


Pai Gow Analyzer


Different people have different requirements, you can select the best suitable on for you, if you not clear about this, please contact our professional sales for more information.


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