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2010 Texas Holdem scanning system

Scanning System
2010 Texas Holdem scanning system

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  • 2010 Texas Holdem scanning system
  • Earplug
  • iphone camera

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Product Description

Texas Holdem winner predictor scanning system is a kind of amazing poker device.

With this kind of Texas Holdem poker device,you can know the best hand, second best hand and even the rank of all players within 1S.
The 2010 Texas Holdem poker device is the first generation Texas Holdem device. It was a breakthrough in the poker game. Compared to the infrared contact lenses and marked cards, it works much better because it can predict the outcome before the dealer deals the cards.
Compared to the latest poker scanning system, the price of the 2010 Texas Holdem winner predictor scanning system is very affordable.
With only 1000 euro, you can get one this kind of system for trying and play tricks with your friends and poker players.

1.CPU in metal box with Texas Holdem game inside
2.Setting panel(input the program inside)
3.scanning camera
4.invisible earpiece
5.marked cards
If you still have any doubt or want a demo, please feel free to contact us, we can show you online

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