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Infared Contact lenses are specifically designed to see the invisible luminous ink marks on the cards. You can use the same infrared contact lenses to read hidden symbols on rummy and dominoes.
The contact lenses can be of different sizes and colors, so as not to alter the appearance of the eyes. They are very comfortable and in no way affect your health.
They can be worn for a long time and always see a marked playing cards at a distance of 4 m.
On request we can produce contact lenses of different sizes, with diameters of 10 mm, 9 mm, 8 mm, 7 mm, 4 mm and 3 mm, with or without a prescription.
We manufacture lenses for blue, brown, green and black eyes.

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Name: mike IP: Time: 2019-09-08 02:55:50
Content:i want to order some bee mark card, please guide me
Admin_reply: Thank you for your inquiry of bee marked card. We will reply you by email. Best regards.

Name: mike IP: Time: 2019-09-08 02:36:50
Content:how can someone do an order, ask questions, i left messages but got no response. do you do business in the USA. what method of payment do you accept.
Admin_reply: Thank you for your inquiry of Bee marked cards. We will reply you by email. Best regards.

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